Shall We Resolve This Dissonance?

1 Aug 2014  by   Pulsetense
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Ever since I was young, I was vastly fascinated with the sound and music in motion pictures and television. Video games were a growing trend at the time and through technological advancement, developers had the utopia to create a powerful immersion only found and related to motion pictures. My point of view on the subject, is that it may even have the power to surpass film and TV in general in the future.


Certain harmonies evoke a certain euphoria related to what is happening on screen, an immersion to keep the viewer on his or her toes to a specific scene. What I plan on creating for Solarix is the distinct-ability, that the music is the ship, it is a living entity and it is a soul on it’s own. To some extent, it may even be called an ‘anti-score’ but even in it’s purest form, it retains some consonance. The idea is to create a sense of total isolation with no remorse, uncaring and quite simply, disturbing.

Where does the inspiration come from ? I would most likely say Penderecki and mid-20th century music in general. To sum it all up, keep the rhythm flowing, the intensity audible and the harmonies interweaving to create a pattern of 3 or more layers on top of one another to create an unnatural life that is Solarix. With the vast sounds and timbres of the instruments I have at my disposal, I would say it’s quite possible, but there is only so much you can do without a real orchestra which makes it a real and consistent challenge.


Eddy Kassabian – Composer for Solarix