Solarix Patch 1.2 Released

15 May 2015  by   Baris
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As we have stated, we’ll keep on patching Solarix and making every possible improvement based on the whole feedback we have received. Keep on giving us feedback please!

Here are the v1.2 patch notes :

  • Increased player interaction distance : Now players can pick up throwable objects and items and interact with doors more easily.
  • Increased crouching speed : In all difficulties crouching speed has been increased, as expected you’ll have slower crouching speed on harder difficulties.
  • Major overhaul to the electro shocker/tazer gun : Now both aiming and hitbox detection of the tazer gun has been improved, which should be easier and more reliable. You still have to aim from behind and you still have to be careful not to alert guards by making noise when approaching them from behind.
  • Added more check points all across chapters and allowed multiple saves to certain check points.
  • Fixes certain key items not being pick-upable on medium and hard difficulty.
  • Extra improvements & fixed terrain collision problems. Player should move more smoothly over terrain now both in running and crouching mode.
  • Removed keycard access to Mines entrance in chapter 3. Now that door doesn’t need keycard, in case people forget about it and don’t want to backtrack.
  • Adjusted player’s jump height to avoid collision problems on certain world objects.