About Pulsetense Games


Pulsentense Game is an independent video game production studio with members from all around the world. The studio has released its first game, Solarix in April 2015. After Solarix, Pulsetense released their second title, De-Void in 2016. We specialise in the use of Unreal Technology to create realistic world whilst offering compelling gameplay and engaging narrative.


The Primary Philosophy behind the studio and our collaboration revolves around the idea of mutually beneficial arrangements and voluntary cooperation between individuals. We recognize that without the individuals, there is no team, and we put every effort into developing and encouraging member advancement and training. Team members are only limited by their own initiative and desire to succeed.


“Design, playtest, iterate”. We feel iteration is the key behind offering fun compelling gameplay mixed with meaningful narrative within rich compelling and visually beautiful worlds.


Our goal is to strive to show people you don’t need million dollar budgets to create something a game grand in size and scale that is ascetically pleasing and rich in content and narrative. Budgets do not motivate us our passion and willingness to work without a cheque pushes us to be creative for the good of gamers.