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Reviews & Interviews

  • Review : – “ De-Void: …story and atmosphere blend together so well”
  • Interview : – “ De-Void Developer Pulsetense Games”
  • ReviewFix Interview : – “Baris Tarimcioglu Talks ‘Solarix’.”
  • Indie Game Magazine :  – “Solarix is a great example of a game that is being greatly supported post-launch.”
  • Grab The Games Review – “Scary and delivers an incredible gameplay experience! Totally recommended it by me to all horror and sci-fi game lovers out there! (8.5/10)”
  • Solarix | AUTOMATON Review – “A big kudos to Pulsetense Games for following their dreams and robbing me of sleep (7.5/10)”
  • GAMEREVIEWSAU Review – “If you enjoy being mentally scared rather than being made to jump at loud, sudden noises, Solarix is a god-send (4/5)”
  • Develop Magazine Interview – “Sod ’em, we’ll do it anyway’: How Solarix survived a failed Kickstarter.”
  • IGN Greece Preview – “The final verdict I have for the Solarix is that it is a promising title for anyone who wants to experience a good level of mystery and horror.”
  • TwoDashStash – “Solarix is impressive for something made with such a small budget. For looking so familiar at first, it manages to feel distinct enough”
  • ModVive Preview – “Not only is the game beautiful by appearance, but also by design. The colony, as the game calls it, is huge! It is almost like giant robots were meant to be walking through this place.”
  • Eteknix Preview – “The story is cool, the setting is classic and the atmosphere is thick – this is shaping up to be a great game indeed”
  • Indie Game Mag – “Solarix has been one of the highest quality and polished games that we’ve had the pleasure of having on the show”