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    Trapped in far reaches of space, the sole survivor of a human genetic experiments gone badly wrong. Click to find our more and view our shots and videos

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Yogscast Plays Solarix

Posted 18 Feb 2015 by at 12:07 am GMT

Last week Yogscast took a look at Solarix as part of their Fright Night series, and in case you missed the live show when it was broadcast live, it’s now available in three videos. Watch as they traverse the first section of the game in our recently updated press demo.

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New Hi-Res Solarix screenshots

Posted 2 Feb 2015 by at 1:50 am GMT

To demonstrate how Solarix¬†looks when the resolution is cranked up, we’ve released some 2K screenshots from a couple of levels we’ve never shown to the public before.

Click the thumbs for the visuals and let us know what you think.

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IGM Average Giants takes on Solarix with Mark Gregory

Posted 21 Jan 2015 by at 8:30 pm GMT

This week the IGM guys sat down for a playthorugh of the press demo levels with Producer Mark Gregory. Watch the video to see more of Solarix and find out what they think of our game so far.

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