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    Trapped in far reaches of space, the sole survivor of a human genetic experiments gone badly wrong. Click to find our more and view our shots and videos
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    Check out the Solarix interview in the November issue of Indie Game Magazine
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    During the past couple of months we have been totally focused on development and the good news is we are back on track and we have more to share
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    It has been a while since we had a chance to sit down and collect our thoughts and talk to you guys about the changes we have made from a programming perspective over the last six months

Latest Pulsetense News

Impressions of Solarix from PlatformExpos in video

Posted 19 Nov 2014 by at 5:51 pm GMT

Last weekend we attended the PlatformExpos in the UK and we allowed the YouTube channel Pixel Bro’s UK to take some footage of Solarix for their channel. This was the first time we’ve shown Solarix at an event and the first time we’ve allowed the public to play the game.

The feedback we received from gamers at the event was amazing; we saw people playing the game in ways we never thought would be possible. It was such a great experience for the team to see the different ways gamers interacted with the game.

After watching the video be sure to leave your comments on our page here too as your comments are invaluable to us as we continue to improve the game over the next few months.

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Solarix at PlatformExpos Day One

Posted 15 Nov 2014 by at 3:48 am GMT

Today was a momentous day for Pulsetense Games because it was the first time we’ve shown Solarix to the general public. We’re currently up in Hull in the UK at PlatformExpos to show the game and also get some initial feedback from gamers.

It’s been very interesting watching people play the game for the first time and the different approaches they are taking to the gameplay. Feedback has been excellent on this first day and we think everyone who has played this demo alpha build has been enjoying the experience so far.

While it’s great to get the game out to the public, it’s an important stage for us so we can take all the feedback from gamers and act on it to tweak the game further over the next few months before release.

We’ll be at the expo again tomorrow, which is taking place at Hull College here in the UK (Saturday 15th November). If you can make it  along to check the game out, we’d love to hear what you think. Many thanks to everyone who dropped by on Friday, and if you didn’t manage to beat the demo, then come by again and give it another crack. It can be done you know :)

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