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Solarix Version 1.5 : Steam Achievements!

Posted 29 Jan 2016 by at 7:02 am GMT

New patch has various little bugs & improvements of performance..along with the long awaited Achievements!
Now, we have 20 steam achievements, all are related to background-story and are kind of achievements that require exploration.
Please do enjoy, and don’t forget to give us feedback on our forums

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Solarix Non-DRM version available to purchase here

Posted 9 Oct 2015 by at 12:51 am GMT

“Buy the NON-DRM Version of Solarix with paypal, simply click the “buy now” button below which will take you to paypal. After you complete your purchase, you’ll return to our site and will be given the download link.”

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Solarix’s fourth patch is ready! Version:1.4

Posted 7 Oct 2015 by at 2:04 pm GMT

Hi all!

Here is the fourth patch fixing some corrupt save game issues and fixing some framerate problems.

Patch notes:

Fixed Corrupt Save bug in chapter 5, preventing players complete final objective

Fixed Corrupt Save bug, making players invincible upon reloading in chapter 9 and chapter 11

Improved framerate for RainFx for chapter 2

Improved framerate for all smoke effects in chapter 3-6 and 7

Collision optimizations in chapter 4

Improved frame rate for chapter 7

Added extra randomization for the sound effects & ambient voices to enhance audio experience when replaying the entire game.

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