• Welcome to the new site - Solarix development update

    During the past couple of months we have been totally focused on development and the good news is we are back on track and we have more to share.
  • Solarix

    Trapped in far reaches of space, the sole survivor of a human genetic experiments gone badly wrong. Click to find our more and view our shots and videos.
  • Programming Update

    It has been a while since we had a chance to sit down and collect our thoughts and talk to you guys about the changes we have made from a programming perspective over the last six months

Latest Pulsetense News

Solarix to be shown for the first time at PlatformExpos 14-15 November

Posted 23 Oct 2014 by at 12:59 am GMT


We’ll be showing Solarix to the public for the first time at PlatformExpos which takes place on November 14-15 at Hull College in the UK. This is a pivotal moment for the Solarix development team and we think it’s time we shared our debut title in a live environment. Producer Mark Gregory will be on-hand to demonstrate and we’re super excited to get more feedback on Solarix from the gaming community.

If you want to attend the show, tickets can be purchased now on this page and hopefully we’ll see you there.

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Welcome to the new site – Solarix development update

Posted 9 Oct 2014 by at 12:07 am GMT


During the past couple of months we have been totally focused on development and the good news is we are back on track. It’s amazing how much hard work pays off. I’d like to personally thank all the team for their efforts over the last few months, Solarix looks and plays better than ever.

Not only have we been focusing on the game’s development but we also recognize the importance of community and not only fans of Solarix but the stealth genre, so on reading this, we have launched a new website for Solarix and Pulsetense Games.

Your feedback on game features is very important to the team, so we have also launched a new forum where you can chat with other community members and the developer as development progresses. If you questions for the team do not be afraid to ask we will always be honest with you.

What we would like you guys to do now is sign up for the forums and follow our social media channels so you can start interacting with each other about Solarix. We have made it a simple process to join the discussions by adding social media sign-ins for comments but we encourage you to create a forum account and really get involved.

With the new website you are now able to comment on anything art, blogs, new posts, screenshots, videos… anything. The same goes for the forum nothing is off limits, we only ask you respect each other. We have done all this as your feedback is vital to us as we come into this important time of the games development.

Finally we have some very important news. The game has reached the alpha stage of development and you’ll be seeing a lot more of the game in the weeks ahead so stay tuned to the website and forums.

Thanks once again for all your support and we hope to see you all in the new forums where we have added some shots looking a the new UI and rebindable key options which were recently added to the game.

The Pulsetense Games Team

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