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Solarix’s fourth patch is ready! Version:1.4

Hi all!
Here is the fourth patch fixing some corrupt save game issues and fixing some framerate problems.

By Baris | 7 Oct 2015 | 0

Solarix’s third patch is out! Version : 1.3

Hello Solarix fans!
We are happy to inform you about our latest patch which brings our sci-fi stealth horror game Solarix to version 1.3
Here are the patch notes:
We have added more check points to the overall of each chapter since even on easy difficulty, the game is now more challenging
Pistol crosshair is now in red color, as requested by some players to improve aiming in brighter areas.

By Baris | 3 Jul 2015 | 0

Solarix Patch 1.2 Released

As we have stated, we’ll keep on patching Solarix and making every possible improvement based on the whole feedback we have received.

By Baris | 15 May 2015 | 0