A lost colony on a distant planet.

An outpost of humanity, haunted by memories of madness and conspiracy.

A station crew no longer responding to communications.

Concerned about the safety of their investment, Human Resources Specialist, Elizabeth Woolgather is dispatched by the ‘Corporation’ to Planet Ancyra to investigate and report back. But as she quickly discovers, sometimes knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

“De-Void is our second title and reflects everything we love about video games”, commented Baris Tarimcioglu, CEO of Pulsetense Game. With the help of the gaming community, we learnt so much from our first game, Solarix. Whilst De-Void is a different genre of game, it incorporates all the lessons learned. The result something we think is very special”.

Launching on to Steam and all other leading retailers of digitally downloaded PC games, De-Void is a meditative first-person adventure game, where the player unravels the mysterious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a remote space colony crew. Although the crew is missing, the station and its surroundings still echo with their thoughts and emotions. With the help of a protocol unit named Wilco, Elizabeth must interpret these memories and emotions and piece together the jigsaw. As the pieces come together, a confrontation with a presence both ancient and impossibly vast becomes inevitable and unavoidable.

On the surface, De-Void is a tale of humanity lost in the depths space, but beneath the surface lies a complex psychological story of conspiracy, betrayal, and madness.

There are no easy answers on Planet Ancyra.

Key gameplay features:

*First Person Adventure Game

*A vast story-based exploration game set across highly detailed space stations, alien forests, deserts, colony settlements and military installations.

*Decipher the crews video, audio and text logs to discover and uncover a multi-layered background story.

*Investigate the world through the eyes of Wilco, an A.I cyborg, sent to help you uncover the mystery of the colony you are traversing.

*Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and Controller support.

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Cast of Characters :

Elizabeth Woolgather (Female, late 20s – early 30s)

Human resources specialist, middle manager in the space colonization industry, and the epitome of the young, post-Earth professional. Dispatched by her employer to investigate an intelligence leak at the Ancyra colony, Elizabeth finds herself caught in a web of mystery when she arrives to find the colony devoid of all human life.

Wilco (Male, Android)

A W-1 series protocol droid, Wilco oversees day to day operations of the Ancyra colony. Programmed for optimum human interfacing, Wilco agrees to help Elizabeth as she unravels the mystery of the lost Ancyra colony. However, he may know more than he’s letting on.

E.Y.E (Male, Eternal Being)

Ancient consciousness dubbed “EYE” by the researchers who discovered it. A being of pure flux and transcendence, EYE is driven by its self-perpetuating will, though its cosmic motivations are beyond human comprehension.